Why hair transplant in Turkey should interest you?

What is Medical Tourism?

When people travel across borders with the intent of getting an affordable medical treatment, it is known as “medical tourism”. Apparently, it is quite a phenomenon amongst patients who are looking for quality treatment abroad. It could be either because the treatment is costly within the patient’s own country or the hospitals lack the required medical equipment/technology. Do note that before you consent to surgery or medical treatment abroad you should check the concerning standards and directions in the nation where you will be dealt with.

Medical Tourism for Hair Transplant

With the developing acknowledgment of “medical tourism”, individuals who require hair transplant, male or female pattern baldness treatment and other hair restoration measures are thinking about treatment overseas as a minimal effort choice. Costs for hair loss treatment, hair transplant and regrowth abroad are profoundly prevalent. Do note that before you consent to surgery abroad you should check the concerning standards and directions in the nation where you will be dealt with.

Hair Transplant in Turkey

Turkey is one of these nations. Other than its outstanding eye treatment facilities, it offers another quality option – hair transplantation. With $1 billion worth of business in 2014 alone, Turkey is the chief nation for hair transplant surgical operations till date. The quantity of patients who fill Turkey to seek hair loss treatment is around 5,000 every month, with somewhere in the range of 3,500 originating from Arab nations. The normal cost of hair transplant in Turkey ranges from $1,700 and $2,000, while a similar operation in UK or the U.S. could cost up to $26,000. The draw of modest expenses for huge operations, particularly hair transplants, has made the nation a noteworthy community for outsiders looking for reasonable hair-restoration techniques.

Benefits of opting for Turkey Hair Transplant

Medical tourists from across US, UK, Europe and UAE come down to Turkey in vast numbers to get cut-price deals in hair transplant surgeries. Despite the distress in the country’s political and communal matters, hair loss suffers continue to pour in Turkey to find a feasible solution.

As indicated by information from the Turkish Healthcare Travel Council, 746,000 medical travelers came in Turkey for medical treatment in 2015. 100,000 of these were particularly looking for hair transplantation. This adds up to exactly 200 transplantations for every day. The nation earned $5.8 billion from legitimate medicinal tourism in 2015. The procedures followed during the hair transplant in turkey is normally the same as offered in other countries but just at a much cheaper price.

Istanbul, specifically, is the focal point of hair transplantation in Turkey as it gives people best hair transplant results alongside wonderful areas to travel nearby. Another reason to select for a hair transplant in Turkey is that the cost or the transplant package also includes your exclusive services such as pick and drop from airplane terminal, lodgings and post-op sessions.

Turkey also has the second highest number of JCI licensed healing centers, first being the USA. This is beneficial as it guarantees high quality facilities and wellbeing norms for the patients. Additional real preferred additive that Turkey brings to its patients is its noticeably higher success rates in the hair transplant surgeries in a much cheaper package than what is otherwise offered in other nations.

The hair clinics in turkey too are all well equipped with latest surgical instruments. Along with this Turkey guarantees skilled and experienced doctors and its state-of-the-art infrastructure and medications.

With this stark budgetary contrast – and the possibility of successful hair loss treatment– is eventually what drives a large number of men every year to Turkey as their prime destination for hair transplant.

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