Things You Should Know Before Getting A Breast Reduction Surgery

Women all around the world have big problems with their big breasts. In this case, the bigger the breasts – the bigger the problem. Having large breasts is not a problem, but the breasts can and will cause a lot of problems if you don’t act fast.

You know that back or neck pain you’re having? Yeah, your boobs are the reason behind that. Consider getting a boob reduction surgery, but first, take a look at some of the things you should know before you go under the knife:

What problems can large breasts cause?

Having unusually large breasts can cause a lot of different problems, and these are some of them:

Neck pain

– Back pain

– Inability to exercise

– Obesity

– Mental health issues

– Balance issues

– Poor posture

You’re probably experiencing some of this problems right now, even while you’re reading this. Don’t wait, and don’t torture your body and mind.

If you want to make your pain go away, you need to get breast reduction surgery. Unfortunately, undergoing this procedure is the only way to reduce your breasts.

Puffy eyes, droopy eyelids, and some other problems we all have can be corrected by using natural remedies, but big boobs are a completely different animal.

Before the procedure, you need to be completely honest about your medical history and tell your surgeon the reasons behind your decision.

 If you can prove that your back and neck hurt because of your breasts, your insurance might cover the procedure.

What’s the procedure like?

Boob reduction surgery is simple, and it takes between two and six hours. You will probably get general anesthesia, which means you will sleep during the procedure. Your surgeon will carefully cut around your nipple, and he will remove fat, tissue, and any extra skin from your breasts.

What about the recovery?

The recovery takes a long time, but it is worth it. You will not be able to exercise for a month or two, and you’ll need to change your bandages from time to time. Some surgeons will send you home immediately after your surgery, so you will have to have these things at home:

– Ice

– Clean towels

– Clean washcloths

– Gauze

– Comfortable t-shirts

– Creams and ointments for the incision sites

Some women have an emotional reaction after the procedure, and that’s perfectly normal. You might feel depressed for a couple of days, and while this is normal, you should tell your doctor about it.

Side effects

Side effects of the procedure are scars. This is the only side effect. You can minimize scarring by using creams and ointments which have silicone in them. Your surgeon will probably recommend you some products to use.

When to call your surgeon?

You should be in touch with your surgeon at all times since he needs to know how your recovery is going.


Having large breasts can cause a lot of problems, and you need to reduce your breasts sooner rather than later. If you live in Australia, you should know that surgeons who specialize in plastic surgery in Bondi Junction are experienced and more than happy to answer all of your questions at all times.

Don’t be afraid to do your research before you go under the knife. Find the right surgeon for yourself!

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